Puglia from the Sky


In the extreme south of Italy, in Apulia, where, until recently, villages were being emptied of their inhabitants and the sea of its fish, communities are now taking their destinies back into their own hands.

That is why Francesco and Matteo, both biologists, have arrived to ensure that the extraordinary natural heritage of the Tremiti Islands, known here as the “pearls of the Adriatic”, remain unaffected by the ever-increasing tourism.

Further south, within the Torre Guaceto natural reserve, a system of sustainable fishing is bringing fresh life to the fishing banks as well as to the local fishing fleet and food sector, while at the tip of the heel of the boot, in the Salento, passionate enthusiasts are restoring old sailing ships and putting the soul back into their village.

From the far north to the southern point of a breathtakingly beautiful coastline we bring the stories of men and women who are refusing the choice between economic anemia and massive exploitation to devote themselves, with all their might, to renewing their bond with the sea.