Non Theatrical Video Distribution Rights of a Videogram (DVD) or by transmission of a digital video via internet (Streaming) means the right to distribute and exhibit the Program for non-commercial purposes before Authorized Users in a Public domain. The Right excludes the Right to modify, reproduce, resell or charge a fee to view the Program.

CinéFête Online : We are now providing a hosting service on our platform.
Click on the following links to preview a demo: English version | French version
Our hosting service is quick and simple to use. Make your selection of titles and length of licence agreement (1, 3 or 5 years are available). Your selected titles are added to a personalized playlist and you’re ready to deliver digital content to you classrooms. Metadata and usage stats are provided on your admin page. Contact us for further information: 1-800-858-2183 or

We also accept that our titles be self-hosted or 3rd party hosted. Pricing, formats and delivery are listed below or contact us for any questions. 

Streaming Format: At CinéFête, we have selected to use MPEG 4 H.264 (low, medium and high resolution) as our standard format because it’s a great way to provide high quality videos along with reasonable compressed file size. Below, you will find the MPEG 4 specs, but we can also format any of our titles to your specifications for a supplementary fee of $30 per title.

Format and Delivery of Licensed titles:
1. Format (MP4 files in 3 resolutions - 350 Kb/s, 700 Kb/s, 1.5Mb/s)
2. Delivery and Handling fees: $25 plus $1 for each title
3. Delivery by FTP or DVD by Canada Post 

Streaming Pricing for post-secondary institutions: (per title, series discounts do not apply)
*Streaming pricing for school boards - please contact us.
3 year licence = Price A
5 year licence = Price A x 1.5
Set-up fee: $25 plus $1 per title

Streaming prices for previously purchased DVDs from CineFete (For post-secondary institutions)
Minimum purchase of 5 titles or more 

*Streaming pricing for school boards - please contact us
3 year licence = $175 per title ($200 for titles over 60 min.)
5 year licence = $250 per title ($275 for titles over 60 min.)
Set-up fee: $25 plus $1 per title 

For a formatted content 4x3 and 16x9

Preview Portal
The CINÉFÊTE PORTAL allows you to evaluate our titles in both English and French in their full length versions.

1. Send us an email  to receive your username and password. We will need your Name, Institution and Email.
2. To get started, please click the "Login" link on the top right, enter the credentials you’ve been issued, and click the green login arrow icon
3. After logging in, you can navigate through the top menu items to browse the content.
4. Please don’t forget to “Log out” at the end of the session.