Kids' Stories International


Kids' Stories International is a unique initiative in children's programming, combining entertainment, education, and a global community spirit. Children around the world are learning how to write stories as a part of their school curriculum; many children illustrate these stories with drawings, creating little books. Using a digital animation technique, director, JC Little has made these stories come alive! Each episode is hosted by the super charming animated Planet Earth, the home we share.

In addition to the 10 stories, there is a 4 min. interview with two teachers explaining how they use Kids' Stories International in their class.

A CD-ROM is included and contains three multiple intelligence learning activities which support the project. They are voice-guided and kid-friendly. Each of these three activities comes with its own "how to use guide" for teacher reference.

To continue her project, JC Little is asking teachers of children aged 5 to 12, with budding young authors and illustrators in your class to participate in her project. The CD-ROM includes a KSI participation kit.

The project is ongoing and you can send as many stories as you like, as often as you like.

Little Animation Inc. will be donating up to 50% of its net profits from all Planet Earth related projects to various charitable organizations mainly funding educational programs.

Children will be helping other children just by sharing their stories, and awareness will be raised about the international, environmental and multicultural realities of sharing a planet.

(10 stories x 5 min.)

 DVD 1
1. Why Fish Swim? (Canada))
2. Nicolas the Pea Eater (Spain)
3. Imagination Animals (Germany)
4. How the Skunk Got Its Smell (Australia)
5. A Day in a Café (Turkey)

 DVD 2
6. Sinzo’s Adventure (Mauritius)
7. Don’t Smack My Car (Belgium)
8. A Big Trip (Canada)
9. The Spirit Starts (Switzerland)
10. KSI Teachers (Canada)

Teacher's Guide on CD-Rom Included

Kids' Stories International