Goodbye Fusillis / Munching Plant


Goodbye Fusillis: After the Fusilli Brothers leave El Teatro Zanimo Gofrette suggests that he can find them new things to do. But the Fusilli Brothers doing things normal people do is a crazy idea and crazy results occur. Meanwhile, Garbanzo has an important show coming up and has a case of the hiccups that just won’t go away! Gofrette tries everything he can to get the Fusilli Brothers back to El Teatro Zanimo, even as he helps Garbanzo with his hiccup problem.

Munching Plant: While Wendell is trapped on the Beavers’ shovel tractor that he doesn’t know how to turn off Gofrette, Fudge and Ellie are trying to find a giant Munching Plant that Gofrette planted the night before using a magic potion. Could Wendell’s runaway shovel tractor, all covered in bushes and foliage, be the giant munching plant? Hamlet and Mr. Moose aren’t sure. Will the trio be able to stop whatever it is from destroying the town and ruining the gardening show?