The Falling Out / Red's Day Out


The Falling Out: Fudge and Ellie have a serious argument after Ellie spills hair dye on Fudge’s new carpeting. Meanwhile, Gofrette is trying to put on a Welcome Home Party for Garbanzo and El Teatro Zanimo. But how can he have a party without having Fudge and Ellie see each other? Garbanzo’s WelcomeHome party at Quicky Lorraine’s Diner is going to be one of the most interesting masquerade parties Zanimo has ever seen.

Red's Day Out: On his way back home after getting repaired by Moocher, Red rolls out of the back of the truck and off on his own adventure. Meanwhile, Wendell is watching the Beaver Brothers Café for the day when their modern new dam starts to leak. Will Gofrette ever find Red again? Can the leak in the dam be stopped long enough so that repairs can be made? Gofrette and his pals, including Red, have their hands full.