The Birdysitter / Crazy Flu!


The Birdysitter: Gofrette has to figure out what to do when some baby birds adopt him as their mother. Meanwhile, Ellie has invented some stockings with black wooly hairs sticking out of them that are sure to be this season’s fashion hit. While the stockings are not the hit Ellie thought they would be they make great hats and scarves to keep everyone warm…even the mother bird and all her babies!

Crazy Flu!: The crazy flu is going around and it looks like Fudge, Ellie, Red and even Wendell are all affected. Fudge, Ellie and Wendell eventually start to show improvement as they endure Gofrette’s wacky remedies. But poor Red is sounding stranger and stranger until one of Gofrette’s cures for the others also helps Red once again become his normal self.