Starstruck / Bellybutton Day!


Starstruck: Dirk Thunder is filming a movie in Zanimo that may turn out to be a bomb if something, like a tour of the town and a trip down a nearby river with Gofrette and Fudge, doesn’t renew Dirk’s interest and enthusiasm for the project. Meanwhile, Ellie and Edwina become fast friends when Ellie gives Edwina a wonderful make-over.

Bellybutton Day!: It’s annual Belly-Button Day again in Zanimo and everyone is psyched for all the belly button competitions! But when everyone’s belly button lint goes missing the town is in an uproar!? Gofrette, who looked like he was going to win the largest belly button lint collection prize, does all he can to track down the belly button lint thieves! Wait! Were those the purple raccoons we just saw wearing Gofrette’s new wool sweater?