The Disappearing Magician / The Stinky Cheese Thief


The Disappearing Magician: First when Greta’s sock and Garbanzo go missing and then Federico Fusilli and even the Great Scaloppini disappear, Gofrette, Fudge and Ellie suspect it has something to do with the Great Scaloppini’s magic disappearing box. Then when the Great Scaloppini is sighted downtown the trio gets on his trail and follows him all the way into the dark and slippery place where. everyone seems to disappear.

The Stinky Cheese Thief: Wanting Wendell to go mountain biking with them, Gofrette, Fudge and Ellie give Wendell a bicycle. Rather than admit he can’t ride a bike Wendell pretends to hurt himself on the bicycle so he won’t have to go mountain biking. Gofrette, Fudge and Ellie feel so bad they’re determined to nurse Wendell back to health. Meanwhile, the stinky cheese Hamlet’s been selling in his shop is mysteriously disappearing.