To Catch the Wind / Wendell's Makeover


To Catch the Wind: When Ellie is being repeatedly teased by a small gust of wind Gofrette comes over to her house and catches the wind in a bag. Gofrette is not sure what to do with the mischievous gust of wind and when it escapes and starts creating silly disasters all over town the trio do all they can to recapture it in an effort to find a safe place to set it free.

Wendell's Makeover: When Wendell tells his fussy Aunty Mable that he’s Mayor of Zanimo, Gofrette, Ellie and Fudge give him a full make-over to make him the polished young wolf he thought she always wanted him to be. When everything goes wrong and Wendell thinks he’s ruined everything it turns out that Aunty Mable not only loves crazy canoe trips in the wild but she also loves her nephew just the way he is.