The Blossom Tree / The Scary Sleepover


The Blossom Tree: After hurting her wing sliding on ice Ellie has had it with winter and is ready to move away to some place warm. Gofrette and Fudge decide that they can’t let Ellie just move without helping her to remember how much she used to love winter. If they can convince her, maybe she’ll stay. However, a trip in Mister Moose’s sleigh, skating, sledding and skiing doesn’t seem to help. And getting lost in the woods in a blizzard doesn’t look like it will help either!

The Scary Sleepover: When Ellie thinks she has ghosts she wants to move out of her tree house but instead Gofrette plans a scary sleepover there with Hamlet and his new book on how to catch ghosts. When they get caught in their own ghost trap and when the ghosts turn out to be the Purple Raccoons does the complicated situation have even a ghost of a chance of getting resolved? It’s definitely a sticky solution, and a delicious one!