Touch Newly Added


The sense of touch is an invisible force of human nature. Not only does it perceive tiny elements that our eyes can’t see, but it plays a vital role in our lives. It has an important influence on our physical capacity, our cerebral functioning, and our well-being. Without it, we’d be completely lost. Today, touch is undergoing a revolution. Science has pushed the limits of nature thanks to technological touch. It is now possible to touch objects virtually that are invisible or located thousands of kilometres away. A simple movement in the air is enough to control them.

Medical technology has even succeeded in giving a sense of touch to bionic limbs made of metal, plastic, wires, and processors. Slowly but surely, prostheses are starting to perform better than natural limbs. Ten years ago, who could have imagined that science would have advanced so quickly? Virtual touch will, soon be part of our daily lives. How far will this revolution take us?