Taste and Smell Newly Added


Smelling is as natural as breathing. Sixteen times a minute, you breathe the air that passes through your nose to fill your lungs. Billions of molecules passing through your nasal cavities are captured by the cells of your olfactory organ. Your sense of smell is much more developed than you might imagine. In your genetic code, 400 genes make up the receptors of your sense of smell. You are able to smell billions of odors. Yes, your nose is capable of astonishing exploits!

Scientists and others are presently working in the realms of taste and smell to understand their powers. They are bringing to light the mystery that, from conception to adulthood, reveals a fabulous potential. Tomorrow, your nose will help you uncover disease, vanquish pain, lower your stress level, improve your social life, make you feel safe, learn and improve your well-being. All these incredible powers will be in your hands: all you have to do is discover them!