• Product code : A167-S02
  • Category(ies) : Animation +
  • Level(s) : Pre-K-K +, Elem. (ages 6-7) +
  • Duration : 26 x 22 min.
  • Production year : 2005
  • Director(s) : Alexandre Grynagier, Eric Mortain, Marie-Hélène Vernerie
  • Producer(s) : Divertissement Subséquence
  • Version(s) : French +


Bali is an adorable puppy with a blue nose and blue ears. He is four years old. Bali is a true city dweller, in tune with the concerns and daily challenges faced by today's young children. He lives in town in an apartment - a far cry from life in a typical suburban semi. And because he is like them and goes through the same ups and downs as they do, Bali has what it takes to appeal to young children.