Jack 02


The Jack Show
How does a magnet work? The ship gets accidentally magnetized when Jack takes a short‐cut through an ‘off‐limits’ galaxy and Jack finds his every move being broadcast across the world. Jack and the kids must figure out how to demagnetize the ship and make people think the footage is a hoax before his secret’s out to the entire world.

Hiccup Pup!
What are hiccups? The kids have their hands full trying to keep Rocket under wraps when the little alien dog gets a case of hiccups. Jack can’t take him home – Rocket’s bouncing about like a rocket everywhere and he’d crash the ship. They’ll have to wait it out on Earth. When the kids find out Rocket’s hiccups can last anywhere from 8‐10 years, they insist Jack go into Rocket and find a way to stop the hiccups internally… before the entire neighbourhood is in on the secret.

The Black Hole
Is a Black hole really black? – The kids get a crash lesson on black holes after Jack creates a little one for fun that quickly grows out of control when everything in the club house starts disappearing into it… including Mrs Weebler.

Saturn’s Rings
Are Saturn’s rings solid? Jack has to find a way to rescue Rocket after the little dog accidentally launches the ship from Earth and it ends up stuck in the ever‐shifting Saturn’s Rings.