In Brands We Trust


This incisive documentary analyzes several world-famous, emblematic brand-names and seeks to pinpoint the impact on modern society.

We all identify with brand names, they mark our individuality and our standing in society though varied it has been throughout history. When Chanel was created for example, the few people who wore her designs were defined by their social class, their origins, or their careers. Today, it is Nike or Adidas. People who wear these symbols ARE the new social class and the phenomenon of identifying oneself is now widespread.

Why do young people today choose certain brands and not others? How does Gap, Nike and others like Sony succeed in manipulating the masses? Are we conditioned by brands? Do they promise us immediate bliss? Is it the latest religion?

In Brands We Trust tries to answer some of these questions, and allows the viewer to reflect on this phenomenon of society which accompanies us from the cradle to the grave. To explore the world of brand names is to probe our identity, our society and society's future.