Pink Attitude: Princesses, Pop Stars & Girl Power Newly Added


Cheerful, bubbly and colourful, the Girlie-Girl Culture is an unavoidable phenomenon of our western society. This ambiguous and popular culture-both angelic and demoniac constantly oscillates between two extreme images of women: the little girl and the temptress, ingénue, predator.

How has the Girlie-Girl Culture managed to conquer the world, to shape and impose guidelines to a new feminine identity? Which cultural codes lurk behind the glitter and pink veneer of the Pink Attitude-codes that guide the majority of today's girls from cradle to adulthood? From Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Hello Kitty, Barbie and Bratz dolls, to pop icons Katy Perry, Rihanna or Miley Cyrus and their sugar-candy sexy videos clips and TV shows, romantic comedies, women's magazines and nail salons blooming on every street corner... 

Welcome to the land of Girly-Girl Culture.

Warning: Scenes of nudity

Pink Attitude: Princesses, Pop Stars & Girl Power