Elizabeth II and Canada, a Portrait


In 2012, the Canadian government commissioned a new portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, by artist Phil Richards, to celebrate her 60 year reign. As the features of Elizabeth II are revealed gradually under the brush of the artist, we discover who she is and what she represents for Canadians.

Interviews with specialists allow us to discover the main workings of the Canadian Constitutional Monarchy, and the enduring bonds between the Queen and Canada.

The film also highlights the 2011 royal tour with the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge and the last visit of Her Majesty the Queen in 2010.

Elizabeth II and Canada, a Portrait is presented in its full length and in 4 thematic chapters that could be viewed individually:

(4 x 13 min.)
1. Elizabeth II and the Royal Tours
2. From Queen Victoria to Elizabeth II: Traditions and Canadian Identity
3. Canada: a Consitutional Monarchy
4. Elizabeth II: 60 Years of Dedication

Elizabeth II and Canada, a Portrait