A.R.T. and Surrogacy Generation - The Children Speak, The Newly Added


In the past, as moral values have changed, documentaries have recorded the words of children of divorced parents, children of homosexual parents, children brought up in single-parent families…  So many different models that, with time, have become "commonplace" and no longer raise questions…Who are these "new" children, these "pioneer" children?  What is their vision of their atypical situation? How do they talk about this "particularity" with those around them?  With their parents? Their friends? With the "outside world" in general? What do they know of how they were conceived? What were they told? How were they told? What questions remain unanswered? How do they see their future? At a time when a new style of parenting is trying to find its place in our society, this film aims to be a forum for those most concerned: those children who, today, are writing the first pages of this new account.

A.R.T. and Surrogacy Generation - The Children Speak, The