With and Without You


Stopping everything to get out of the rat race is what the Beaudry family did. Maryse, Samuel and their three kids left their comfortable middle class North American home with only their backpacks to travel the world. Destinations: Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Tonga, New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, India, France and Italy.

For most of us, embarking on such a journey is something we only ever dream about. For the Beaudry's, it was a dream come true, or was it? What secrets motivated this journey? Was it really a soul searching journey of discovery or a desperate escape from reality? And what if one of the family members was wrestling with hidden demons and harbouring a secret agenda. Try as we may to out run those demons, they follow us wherever.

A year after the family's adventure, Samuel left on another journey, the one of no return. One that left his wife and children with so many shocking questions to answer. How could a life-loving person take his own life? How to make sense of it? How can a family survive a suicide and the many perils that lurk beyond the mourning.

With and Without You is one woman's quest to understand and grow instead of breaking and sinking. An audacious, acclaimed first documentary that nourishes the soul of audiences by shining light into the dark corners of the soul. An astonishing and vibrating anthem to life.

With and Without You