Jack 05


Ant It The Truth
How do ants communicate? Wanting to provide some ants with a nice new home, Jack inadvertently releases a colony of carpenter ants into Mrs Weebler’s house. Upon realizing his mistake, he shrinks down to explain the mix‐up to the ants only to find himself taken prisoner as Mrs Weebler goes on the warpath against her uninvited
house guests.

Super Fly
How do Flies eat? After a fly accidentally gets caught up in Chip’s enlarging ray, Jack manages to corral the giant fly in the woods before anyone sees it, but gets eaten by the giant fly before Chip has had a chance to shrink it back to normal size.

Dog Day Afternoon
Why are there so many different types of dogs? When Rocket is nabbed by the dogcatcher from a local park, he finds himself locked in the pound. Jack has to learn how to control the many different types of dogs in the pound, so he can help Rocket – and Rocket’s new pals– break free… before the dog catcher’s superiors start arriving to see the ‘new breed of dog’ she’s discovered.

Dr. Jack
How do our bodies fight infection? When Nico gets sick, Jack shrinks down to help Nico’s body fight off the attacking virus cells and speed up his recovery only to find himself under attack from Nico’s tenacious white blood cells.