The Epic of Black Gold


Epic of Black Gold is a landmark six-hour series designed to enlighten and provide some answers to one of the most important paradoxes of our time…Oil. It is key to everyday life on this planet, yet beyond a few experts, very few people really understand its story and the mechanisms of its economy.

Epic of Black Gold starts with the topical facts concerning oil today to show how important oil is in all fields of human activity. From science and technology to geopolitics and political strategies, this series continually moves from the past to the present, from the pioneers at the end of the 19th Century to today so as to recall the stages of a great adventure with tremendously high stakes.

Epic of Black Gold ends on a question about the future of Oil and what's next. There remain unexplored and unexploited reserves of oil all over the planet, yet it is not a renewable resource and will approach extinction sometime in the not too distant future. For the time being, Oil will remain an essential element of the world economy for many years to come.

Our cast of oil experts includes: C.J Campbell, world renowned geologist and depletion analyist, Matthew Simmons, American investment banker and US Administration oil advisor, James Akins, Former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Yves Cochet, former French Minister for the Environment and Michael Meacher, former British Minister for the Environment.

The topics discussed in this series include:

- Observations of everyday life from countries around the world.
- Chinese traffic jams as well as consumption in California.
- Heat waves and their greenhouse effect.
- Baku , a collapsing oil-based economy.
- Black tides and oil-polluted beaches.
- Chavez’s devastation of the Venezuelan economy.
- Saudi and Middle East unrest.
- Stock exchanges in turmoil.
- The Iraq quagmire.
- Siberian transcontinental pipelines and their inefficiencies. And more…

Epic of Black Gold