Classic Piaget 1


Used in thousands of classes on basic psychology and human development for dozens of years, these videos still masterfully fulfill their original purpose of teaching Piaget's vocabulary and concepts to introductory students.

1. Classification:
Drs. Robert Karplus and Celia Stendler Lavatelli use Piagetian classification tasks to demonstrate how children’s ability to use categories develops during middle childhood.

2. Conservation:
Children between the ages of five and twelve perform tasks dealing with quantity, length, area, and volume to illustrate the Piagetian concept of conservation. The children's differing approaches to the tasks are discussed by Dr. Robert Karplus and Celia Stendler Lavatelli.

3. Growth of Intelligence In Preschool Years:
Children from infancy to six years of age perform tasks designed by Jean Piaget and his collaborators which reveal how intellectual thought develops and manifests itself in early childhood. Dr. Celia Stendler Lavatelli narrates.