Classic Piaget 2


Used in thousands of classes on basic pyschology and human development for dozens of years, these videos still masterfully fulfill
their original purpose of teaching Piaget's vocabulary and concepts to introductory students.

1. Formal Reasoning Patterns:
This film illustrates the tasks Dr. Piaget and his collaborators developed to probe the thinking styles of secondary students. Drs. Robert Karplus and Rita Peterson conduct the interviews.

2.  Memory and Intelligence:
Jean Piaget presents his work on this intriguing subject at a conference in Kyoto in 1971. Carefully translated English subtitles accompany Dr. Piaget’s presentation in French.

3. Morality: The Process of Moral Development:
This film identifies the progress of moral thinking starting in preschool years and continuing to its unfolding in young adults. Dr. Lawrence Kohlberg’s stages are illustrated through an interview conducted by Drs. Susan De Merresmen-Warren and Elliot Turiel.