In the wake of his daughter's close encounter with death, filmmaker Carlos Ferrand sets off in search of free spirits and creative minds, with the aim of restoring his own faith in life.

In the course of an initiatory journey through the Americas, he meets with:
Pol Pelletier, iconoclast, woman of the theatre.
Pablo Amaringo, environmental activist and former shaman, who has founded a school of art and life in the middle of the Amazonian forest.
Franco Dragone, spritual heir of Fellini and the ''Commedia del Arte'' and artistic director of Cirque du Soleil.
Eugene Tsui, Chinese-American architect, athlete and muscian - a modern Renaissance man whose buildings seem to have been conceived by extra-terrestrials.
Stuart Kauffman, one of America's leading scientific minds, whose work leads to a new vision of the relationship between science and the creative process.

This is a world where the ideal is alive and well, and where the artist serves as both a guide and a source of hope...