Mosquitoes on the Rise Newly Added


The film, Mosquitoes on the Rise, takes us to Brazil, Africa, Southeast Asia and Southern Europe in search of 4 types of mosquitoes: Aedes Aegypti (Yellow fever), Anopheles Gambiae (Malaria), Culex Tritaeniorhynchus (Japanese encephalitis) and Aedes Albopictus (Yellow Fever and Zika virus),

Each of these mosquitoes is capable of transmitting viruses and dangerous parasites to humans and because of environmental changes, often caused by human activity, as well as a multitude of means of transportation, they are spreading to new territories and threaten new found populations.

They are highly resistant to the protection strategies continually being developed by researchers. Facing the serious health risks they present us, humans have engaged in a fierce battle against the mosquitoes on the rise.

Mosquitoes on the Rise