The Moon and the Violin

  • Product code : A61-028
  • Category(ies) : Seniors +
  • Level(s) : Sec. (ages 14-17) +, Post-Sec. (18 +) +
  • Duration : 65 min.
  • Production year : 2003
  • Director(s) : Carole Laganière
  • Producer(s) : InformAction
  • Version(s) : French +
  • Subtitles : English Subtitles for Native Speakers


The 2002 Gold Award winning director at the Hot Docs Canadian Documentary Film Festival brings us a charming and wacky portrait of senior citizens - all musicians, painters, writers and actors - who live at the Chez-Nous des Artistes senior citizen's residence in Montreal.

They may no longer have careers, and the world of the hip and successful may have forgotten them, but they continue to dream, work, flirt and hold eccentric opinions.

In between concerts, passionate scrabble tournaments, card games played with a large print deck and a hearbreaking aria sung under a full moon by an opera diva who never really made it, they present their tender, witty and wise insights about life.

Filmmaker Carole Laganière is exceptionally skilled at relating to her subjects; she asks tough questions about success, failure or approaching death, but respect and pleasure infuse this film with a depth reminiscent of the ballads of Edith Piaf, and a touch of the whimsy of Fellini's ''Juliet of the Sprits.''