Four Seasons on the Farm


In 1783, Louis XVI bought the Rambouillet estate in the Paris area and decided to create an experimental farm on it. From Spain he imported a flock of 300 sheep, renowned for the quality of their wool. Their descendants, the famous “Rambouillet Merinos”, have made the reputation of what has become over time the “Rambouillet National Sheep Farm”.

Today, on this farm we follow the work of Antoine, Dominique, Laurent, Marylène, Cédric, Bruno and others. They are modern farmers seeking to reconcile classic production with ecological concerns, raising Merino, Scottish Black Face, INRA and Ile de France breeds of sheep and Limousine, Prim’Holstein and Gasconne breeds of cattle.

Divided into 4 parts, this documentary explores the work being done on the farm at any given season. In the spring, we see the plowing and sowing of the corn, we watch the sheep reproducing, the harvesting of the hay and silage making. In summer, we see the barley harvest and the ensilage of the corn; we focus on organic chicken breeding and the flocks and herds in the fields. Autumn is the season for sowing wheat, for lambing and calving. In winter, we learn all about the feeding and milking of the cows and the medical protection of the sheep.