Medicines and Children Newly Added


Children are the forgotten ones of medicine. Drugs given to children have always been risky adaptations of those developed for adults. A simple rule of three relative to weight is the regular practice. However, a child is not a miniature adult. Now the pediatric profession is sounding the alarm.

In general practice, half of the drugs given to children are widely given without any scientific knowledge of the impact on their bodies, which is to say that no scientific study had been carried out on children to be confident of its effectiveness.

In hospitals it is even worse because 90% of drugs have never been the subject of a test. This can observed worldwide with some countries more poorly served than others, such as Japan.

Why is there so little development of drugs for children? Why are pharmaceutical companies not interested in investing in this sector? What is the global future for drugs for children?

This documentary sets out to shed light on a problem that is at the heart of global debates from scientific, ethical, legal and social points of view.

Medicines and Children