Young Explorers - Across Africa


Discovering Africa at age 10, leaving your home for the unknown. This will be the adventure of Lea, Jeanne, Louis, Paul-Henry and Hugo, five budding explorers, as they will share the everyday life of an African child for two weeks. Through their passion for music, dance, rugby or nature, each will make new friends as smart and cute as they are. Whether in South Africa or Mauritania, everything is so different from home: school, food, showering, playing...

Always curious, sometimes shocked, they will explore through marveled eyes, and in their own spontaneous words will give us a glimpse of Africa as you've never seen it.

A great adventure, and also a lesson of tolerance and sharing, a touching story of friendship between children who come from different worlds, and yet have so much in common…

01. Paul-Henry in the Footsteps of Mandela (South Africa)  02. Lea on the Trail of Gorillas (Kongo)  03. Jeanne Dancing to a New Tune (Madagascar)  04. Louis and the Sons of the Desert (Mauritan)  05. Hugo, to the Sound of Beating Drums (Burkina Faso)

Young Explorers - Across Africa