Write Right - Learning to Print

  • Product code : A250-002
  • Category(ies) : Education +
  • Level(s) : Pre-K-K +, Elem. (ages 6-7) +
  • Duration : 16 x ( 5-10 ) min.
  • Production year : 2010
  • Director(s) : Bruce Dean, Carmen Dean, Julie Drake, Eric Luke
  • Producer(s) : Metafour Productions


Write Right - Learning to Print is a fun and engaging instructional video series that utilizes tried and true strategies for primary students learning to print letters. With a generous dose of music, rhyme, and humor, students make clear connections to their early reading programs by using of common word models. The modular, segmented design of the series allows for the introduction of letters in an interactive, flexible way so it is self-standing or can be used as a visual supplement to other handwriting programs with different letter sequencing. Teachers may use the series with a whole class using interactive white board technology for letter formations or with student groups or individuals using unique segments for differentiated instruction or reinforcement.

Write Right - Learning to Print has two charming characters: Bartleby, the wild and crazy pencil, and his glum chum, Gom, the eraser. Follow Bartleby’s encounters in his community through illustrated letters that he writes to Gom— which thoughtfully transition to the practice of letter formation. A well-proven strategy for learners is that children are encouraged to trace the shape that is being introduced with their finger in the air or on their desktops while students watch Bartleby form the letters. Then, they practice tracing then copying the letters, and finally, students are encouraged to self-critique. Write Right! Learning to Print uses high quality animation to ensure that the Write Right! series will look fresh for years to come in order to help children develop good habits to write right!

Write Right - Learning to Print a series of sixteen 5-10 minute programs for students in Pre-K-Grade. Bonus resource DVD with teacher’s guide, wall cards, desk strips, & music with lyrics!

1.   Getting Started • concepts: purpose, posture, paper position, holding the pencil
2.   Round and Round • letters start at 2:00 with round shapes or curves • lower case letters.
3.   More Round and Round • letters start at 2:00 with round shapes or curves • lower case letters.
4.   Dots or Not •letters start in the middle & pulls straight down; two are dotted • lower case letters.
5.   Over the Top •letters start mid-line going down then arch over • lower case letters.
6.   Get Down •letters start at the top then pull down • lower case letters.
7.   Bounce Back •letters start going down & come back over • lower case letters.
8.   The Loners •unique starts & shapes that differ • lower case letters.
9.   A New Slant •diagonal starts • lower case letters.
10. Swervy Curvy •letters start at 2:00 & have round shapes or curves • capital letters.
11. Jump •letters start at the center with a lift of the pencil • capital letters.
12. Up and Down and Sideways Too •letters start at upper left with vertical & horizontal lines • capital letters.
13. Sticks and Stones•letters start at upper left going straight down with adding curves•capital letters.
14. Stand Up Straight •letters start at upper left with vertical & diagonal lines • capital letters.
15. Slip and Slide •letters with diagonal & slanted lines • capital letters.
16. Count On It •numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9• punctuation:. ! ? 

Write Right - Learning to Print