The World According to Xi Jinping Newly Added


January 15th, 2017 will remain etched in stone as a historical moment when China’s president of 4 years took centre stage at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. This year the American chair was empty. The master of ceremonies was Xi Jinping, China's president and the leader of the world's biggest communist country, giving lessons in economic liberalism to the rest of the world. Never before had a Chinese leader taken such a central role on the international stage. Behind an affable exterior, a war machine is on the move to make the "Chinese dream" come true, a vengeance so hoped for by an entire people to see a proud, all-conquering and imperial China on the front scene.
With the launch of the "new silk roads" and the program "destination moon", Xi Jinping is weaving a web of planet-wide infrastructures, unparalleled in human history, a set of projects so titanic, so outrageous, so dizzying that the rest of the world is having a hard time understanding its scope.

Within China, Xi Jinping is the focal point of all powers, simultaneously carrying out a political purge, a nationalistic campaign and a pitiless fight against all pro-democracy Chinese. It is an apparatus of censorship and the world's most effective regime of repression.

So, who is this man who is about to take his own vengeance and the vengeance of an entire nation? How is he trying to replace Mao in the hearts of the Chinese and how is he maneuvering to buy respectability in the eyes of the international community? What will be the price to pay ?

World According to Xi Jinping