Work and Play


After an argument with his mother for avoiding his chores, Klundux decides to live on his own with Raven in the forest, where they can play all day and never work. Morning comes and Klundux realizes he’s hungry, but they have no food. After a failed day hunting, Klundux steals some food from his parents hut but it leaves a terrible taste in his mouth. At night the rain pours, making them so miserable that Raven abandons him and runs back to live with Eagle. The next day, Igis and Qos find that all the chores have been done for them - the house is clean and the stores are full. Klundux appears in the doorway and apologizes for stealing the food. His parents tell him he never stole anything, for their food is his food, he need only provide a little help now and then to earn his share.