The Wakhis - Pakistan


In the North-East of Pakistan, the Karakoram mountain range is home to the Wakhis. It is the last place in the world where the primary form of polo is still practiced, a game without any precise rules or protection for men or horses. Originally, the Wakhis were cattlemen who, over time became farmers. Horses always allowed them to keep a strong link with their nomad origins.

Heider, a Wakhi farmer from Zoodkhon, decided to initiate his two sons, Nawaz and Hassan, to the ancestral practice of polo. This sport imposes an exceptional relationship between men and horses. “Stick polo” enthusiasts, both of his children already possess their own sticks and hope to become champions one day. After training on the village only polo field, it is time for Nawaz and Hassan to saddle up and get to the high mountain pasture to play their first game.