Christmas Story


Have you ever wondered how Santa Claus grew up to be Santa? This award winning film, set against a breathtaking landscape, relates the untold story of Santa's life, as he overcomes personal tragedy and hardship to develop a big and pure heart filled with love for children around the world.

In a remote village in Lapland, young Nikolas loses his family in an accident and is looked after by the villagers on the condition that each Christmas Day, Nikolas must move to a new home in the village.

To show his gratitude, Nikolas makes toys for the children of the families as good-bye presents. Over the years, his former adoptive families become many, and soon almost every house in the village has presents on its doorstep on Christmas morning.

Tragedy strikes, when one year the villagers suffer a food shortage and they must send Nikolas away to work as an apprentice to the hermit carpenter, Lisakki. Under his severe tutelage, Nikolas develops skills that enable him to create even better presents, and to work even faster. He also learns to wear the suit that becomes his trademark and deliver presents with the help of a team of reindeer.

Years pass by, and Nikolas ages into an old man. The Christmas-gift-giving tradition is in danger of coming to an end, and it will take a miracle to save it. A story for all ages

Christmas Story