The Gathering


The First People return to their village, which has been destroyed by the great flood. They struggle to work, but days go by but they make little progress by themselves. After many days they are exhausted and hungry with much still to be done. Frog reminds them that they have many friends, they just need to call on them. Q'os calls to Kulos, who helps them to rebuild their homes. Gwai calls to the Sea Wolf, who brings them food from the sea. Still they find they are falling behind, trying to take care of the kids and rebuild. Frog reminds them of Dzunakwa, who comes to take the children into the forest. They begin to make progress, but fall is coming too fast. Frog suggests that they ask the animals of the forest. The people are skeptical, but they call out to the animals who come from out of the forest and begin to help the people rebuild.