Turkey with Serkan


Serkan is twelve years old. He lives in Istanbul. Today, he is meeting his brother who is helping him with a show-and-tell project for school. So, it’s off to the museum! Serkan crosses the Bosphorus by ferry. At the archaeological museum, he discovers Turkish history from its beginnings. Once the museum visit complete, the brothers decide to wander though the souks and admire the kilims and traditional ceramics. The next day, Serkan takes a walk in the tourist quarter. After drinking a local drink called boza, he decides to see the basilica of St. Sophia. Then, Serkan and his brother offer themselves a rest at the hammam. The next day, Serkan is in great shape and takes part in the sugar festival, an important Muslim holiday. After the prayer, Serkan eats dinner with his family and as tradition dictates, he goes to knock on his neighbors’ doors to collect candy and money. With his trick-or-treat gains, Serkan buys himself a good luck charm. He is sure to succeed at show-and-tell tomorrow!