Tor in Denmark


Tor lives on an organic farm in Denmark. His parents raise cattle. Because of the climate, the cows spend six months of the year inside the stables. But summer’s just around the corner and their first steps outside are always a testing time. They always react a little strangely to their big day and Tor is on hand to make sure they don’t hurt themselves. Tor’s parents use all of Mother Nature’s tricks for growing their organic crops. Tor follows his father as they head off to borrow some sheep from their neighbor. It only takes the sheep a couple of days to graze the fields clean of weeds, and that way the family doesn’t need to use any herbicides. The pigs also come in handy - their dung makes a really good fertilizer for the crops. Tor takes the kitchen scraps out to them for a special treat. On the farm, the working week doesn’t end on Friday. The weekend is just the right time for the family to sell their produce.