Tidbits for Toddlers 01


This lively program focuses on the joys of life, like the warmth of a smile and the beauty of flowers. Little ones learn how to welcome a new baby into the family and how to play at the park, see how much fun it is to visit Grandpa or go swimming at the pool. Whether it's a story about cherishing pets or dealing with bruises, toddlers can't wait to enjoy these cheery episodes again and again.

1. Gifts: A smile is a gift from the heart.
2. Sleep: Images to go to sleep by, day and night.
3. Snow: Wintertime, and it's snowing! Dress warmly and don't forget to feed the birds.
4. Cleanliness: Keeping clean can be fun.
5. Baby Teeth: Smile and show your beautiful baby teeth.
6. Grandparents: I love being with my grandparents.
7. Expecting A Baby: Waiting for baby to come.
8. Dangers Around The House: To be safe at home, we must avoid certain dangerous appliances and drugs.
9. The Family: Knowing our family origins makes us feel like we belong.
10. The Little Cat: A cat is a friend you must take good care of.