Svanborg in Iceland


It’s a very busy time on Svanborg’s farm in Iceland. His parents raise sheep and it’s time for the females to give birth. Svanborg helps out with the birthing. She carefully writes down all the information about each birth and brands the lambs, one by one. Sometimes the mothers have problems giving birth and the lambs need extra care and attention. Whenever they do, Svanborg becomes a makeshift nurse for the young lambs and closely listens as her mother tells her what to do. They make a great team, and can work miracles! Yet again, Svanborg’s tender loving care has paid off, and a pair of newborn lambs that were in a pretty bad way at birth are now doing just fine. There’s barely a moment to spare at this time of year. But even so, Svanborg still manages to steal a little time here and there to head off with her grandfather when he goes fishing: she loves drawing surrounded by the spectacular landscapes. She’s always very proud of herself when she brings home her catch for the evening meal.