Sre Cha (Cambodia) & Tenzin (Zanskar)


Sre Cha: Dancing with the Royal Cambodian Ballet is every child’s dream. Sre Cha, the prettiest and most talented of the students, dreams of performing as the White Apsara, the divinely beautiful dancer. She will pass the auditions to study dance at the Royal University of Fine Arts.

Tenzin: In the heart of the Himalaya, in Zanskar, a remote kingdom in the north of India, two girls are to live very different destinies. They are best friends, but they are likely to never see each other again.
While Tenzin is to be married to a man she has never met, Palkit has chosen to become a Buddhist nun. Tenzin’s and Palkit’s lives are about to change forever.

Sre Cha (Cambodia) & Tenzin (Zanskar)