Sports of the Future


As we embark upon the 21st century, sports now occupy a central role in our lives. They set the pace of our daily routines, influence our lifestyles and maintain our health and general well-being.

Today, technology seems to have conquered every playing field at a time when individual performance and personal records appear to be reaching their limits.

So what will sports be like in 2050? Will there be any records left to break? Will we be able to push back the limits of human performance? To do this, must man be transformed into machines ?

This episode will show how, in terms of technology, the athletes of 2050 will be spoiled for choice : Big Data, exoskeletons, new playing fields, new adversaries, new disciplines.

The Dreamers
Nate Longshore, Football coach, USA
Using virtual reality, Nate is proving that players can mentally develop their tactics and then reproduce them much faster on the playing field.
His dream : to develop the most effective form of virtual training.

Olivier Ly, Creator of the LaBRI robot, Université Bordeaux, France
For Olivier Ly, tomorrow’s soccer players’opponents could very well come from his laboratory.
His dream : to make a robot as skilled as Messi.

Yves Rossi, Inventor of Jetman, Dubai/Switzerland
A former airline pilot, Yves is reinventing propulsion of the human body in the sky. His invention offers new perspectives onto sports of the future.
His dream : to fly like a bird.

Stéphane Maeder, Director of the UNIL-EPFL Centre Sport & Santé, Switzerland
Stéphane Maeder is convinced that connected objects will help the athletes of tomorrow better understand their bodies as well as their potential.
His dream : to understand his body so as to get the very best out of it.

Solar Race Engineer, Australia
Because popular sports have a highly significant impact on the environment, this engineer is convinced that sustainable sports can be developed.
His dream : To have non-polluting car races.

Keahi Seymour, Designer of Bionic Boots, USA
Keahi invented Bionic Boots, mechanical prosthetics that increase a runner’s abilities by a factor of ten.
His dream : to outrun a cheetah.

The Experts:
Kate Witherspoon, Robotic Engineer SRI , USA
Cynthia Bir, Biomedical Engineer USC , USA
Robert Riener, Sports Biomechanic ET H Zurich, Switzerland
Nunzio Lanotte, Engineer in SportsTechnologies, APLab, Italy
Jean-François, Toussaint Director of IR MES -INSE P Paris, France