Spain with Ines


Inès, eleven years old, lives in Madrid. Today, she has two missions: to collect information on her country for a school project and buy a present for her mother’s birthday. Inès goes for a walk in the city and does a sort of tour of all things Spanish: flamenco, football, etc. The next day, after school, she and her sister go to the wax museum to learn about their history. During this visit, Inès finds a lot of information and illustrations for her project. It’s time to go home for a snack! After finishing her homework, Inès goes to the market to buy food. She also wants to buy a fan for her mother. Back home, she dances and performs a Spanish dance. Like all Spaniards, dancing is in her blood. It would be unimaginable not to finish off a day in Madrid with a night outing. Inès and her family soon join their friends in a tapas bar, a local specialty.