South Africa with Sabelo


Sabelo is 10. He lives in Cape Town, South Africa. He just adores the many wild animals that call his country home. Yet in all this time, he’s never once had the chance to visit the nature reserves where they live. He spends most of his time at school, and today he has to prepare a project for school on a very dark period of his country’s history called Apartheid. Along with a group of friends, he’s off to visit some of the Apartheid museums, like the District 6 Museum. A lot of things have changed in South Africa since those days. His friends are from many different backgrounds, just like his family. On the weekend, his stepfather Ari takes him for a drive; he has a surprise in store for Sabelo. After a detour via one of the townships where his friend Ati lives, Ari takes him to a cheetah-breeding center. They’re truly magnificent animals and Sabelo even gets the chance to pet one of them. It’s truly a Sunday to remember!