The Snowy River Stockmen - Australia


Introduced in Australia by the first settlers, horses became very quickly an indispensable tool in order to sustain the needs of a young and growing population. Indeed, in the 19th century, the Stockman – the Australian cowboy – and his companion, the stockhorse, were a key element in the economic development of the country. Since then, the horse has become an emblematic figure of the Australian culture and identity.

Her love of horses, has brought Stacy to a specialized boarding school with a curriculum focusing on horse studies, 400 kilometres away from her family.

For Easter week, she goes back to the family ranch along with her horse, Chance. There, she trains with Sarah, her best friend, for one of the greatest Australian equestrian events : «The Man from Snowy River Bush Festival». It is on her sixteenth birthday that Stacy takes part in this competition for the first time, secretely hoping to become the first «Woman from Snowy River»...