Sif in Morocco


Sif is ten years old. He lives in Essaouira, on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. He is a passionate jumbe player, the Moroccan tam-tam. Sif is very lucky because a local group is giving a concert in a few days and Sif is invited to participate. He is very proud and has decided to make a new jumbe to honor the other members of the group. It is Amhid, a friend of the family, who has a workshop and helps him with his plan. For several days, Sif follows the instructions and advice of Amhid and makes a fabulous jumbe out of a palm tree root. To rehearse before the show, Sif who has stage fright tries to relax. There is nothing better than a dromedary ride and a little hammam bath to help him with stress. Smiling and in good from, Sif is ready for his first concert!