Sidekick Dragon/Dragon's Pancake Breakfast


Sidekick Dragon: One day Dragon sees Ostrich reading a new comic book about her favourite super-hero, who’s just gotten a sidekick. Ostrich explains that a sidekick is someone who helps the super-hero rescue folks. "Sometimes you're a super-hero... would you like a sidekick to help you?" Ostrich thinks that’s a great idea! Now she just has to teach Dragon how. First, they make Dragon a snazzy new super-hero’d sidekick costume. Then, they wait for someone to need rescuing. When they don’t hear any hollers for help, they practice rescuing a jar of pickles – which is much more complicated than it seems. They wait around a bit more. Then they check on their friends – just in case one of them needs rescuing. But Beaver’s napping… Alligator’s happily playing his bongos… and Mailmouse is safe and sound. Back at home, Dragon sleeps in his new super-hero sidekick costume – because a good super-hero sidekick is always ready. The next day Dragon and Ostrich wait some more – but again, no-one needs to be rescued. Then Dragon has an idea. "Maybe there's someone out there who doesn't need to be rescued... but could use a little help?" Ostrich thinks that’s a very good idea, "There's always someone who can use a little help!" It turns out that Alligator could use a little help – he’s misplaced his helmet. Super-hero Ostrich and sidekick Dragon look all over and finally find it– dangling from a tree branch. Working together, they ‘rescue’ the helmet and give it back to a grateful Alligator. Ostrich and Dragon are very happy. They realize even if someone doesn't need to be rescued, they can always use a little help - and giving someone a little help is a very nice, heroic thing to do.

Dragon's Pancake Breakfast: One Day Dragon is wondering what to have for breakfast, and realizes he hasn’t had pancakes in a long time. He’s so excited about making pancakes he invites all his friends over for a big pancake feast. His friends are all eager to come over – even Beaver, who’s not sure he even likes pancakes, “But I guess I'm willin' to try, yup...”
Before all his pals arrive Dragon decides he’d better practice flipping pancakes, first. Because flipping pancakes is a lot trickier than it looks, he also gets to practice peeling pancakes from his fridge... his walls... his kitchen chairs... and even Cat. Once he gets the hang of pancake flipping, he starts to work on his syrup pouring – but syrup is very sticky stuff. He gets his hand stuck to the jar, his foot stuck to a napkin, and finally his bum stuck to the floor. “Pouring syrup is trickier and stickier than it looks!” Soon, his hungry friends arrive. Dragon gets out his griddle and starts to pour the batter. He needs to make nice big pancakes for Dragon and Alligator – so he ladles out four big circles. He needs dainty coin-sized pancakes for Mailmouse - and ladles out four little circles. “And regular sized pancakes for everyone else!” He ladles out the rest, then looks a bit alarmed. He’s poured so much batter onto the griddle, the various sized puddles of batter spread out until there's just one BIG PANCAKE! His spatula is much too small to flip such a huge pancake – so he uses his snow shovel. And once the giant flapjack is cooked, he very cleverly uses scissors to cut out all the different sized pancakes he needs. It’s taken Dragon so long to get breakfast ready, it’s lunch time. But finally, everyone happily digs in – even Beaver, who has to be coaxed just a little. They enjoy the pancakes so much they all want some more. Dragon’s glad he decided to treat his friends to a big pancake feast… and very glad they’re all there to help make the second batch!