Saving Gaia


Just as the world recoils from green fatigue, the series Saving Gaia searches out to “eco-preneurs” who are undeterred by it. Theirs is a solution that is not only environmentally friendly but economically viable. For in crisis, there is opportunity. And these heroes have discovered where the opportunity is.

Through their stories, we examine the larger landscape in which they live and the level of environmental awareness in each of their countries. Each "eco-preneur" has his or her story of trial and error, of taking the first step to energy efficiency.

Meet the man known as ‘glacier man’ in India. As glaciers recede due to global warming, he builds his own. Can you imagine plastic being converted to petrol? One woman did and she is now worth millions.

These stories are at once simple, yet poignant. The solutions common, yet effective.

Saving Gaia