Russia with Macha


Macha lives in Moscow. Today, in school, she is studying geography and she hopes the teacher will ask her a question because she is well prepared. After school, Macha goes for a walk. She admires her national flag and the Duma, the Russian Parliament and all the statues of the men who founded the USSR. Macha then joins her grandmother who is a real mine of information on Russia and its history. From their viewpoint on the bridge of the newly weds, Macha and her grandmother can admire the entire city.

From the Bolchoi to Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral, Macha has learned a lot on her walk. Back home, she learns how to dance with her mother. But after doing her homework, it is time for bed! In the early morning, Macha accompanies her grandmother to mass at the Orthodox Church. Then she goes to the covered market to buy some local specialties. Macha is in a hurry to get home because her father is taking her to see her grandfather in the country. In her grandfather’s dacha, Macha learns how to make shashlyk, Russian shish kebab, and invites her friends to eat them with her. To end the day, Macha has an idea. She will go skating and throw snowballs with her friends!