The Rough Face Girl


The boys are making fun of Dza because she is a girl. Winadzi calls her ugly which hurts her feelings, so Frog tells her the story of the Rough Face girl. Rough Face Girl comes upon a huge wigwam with a great bird guarding the entrance. He informs her that the Great Spirit is inside, and he is looking for a wife, but he will only wed someone who can truly see him. Rough Face returns to the village but the people laugh at her wild tale. During the night however, her sisters steal her shell necklace and cloak, and take them as gifts to the Great Spirit in an attempt to woo him. They sneak past the sleeping bird, and once inside, they lie about being able to see him, and his voice sends them away in shame. Rough Face wakes up to find her gifts are missing, so she asks her father for something to offer. He gives her an old pair of moccasins, which are in disrepair, but she sees the value in them, and thus she understands. She returns to the wigwam, and informs the Great Spirit that she can see him in the beauty inside of all things.