Robot Dog/Giggly Pig/Unfair Trade/Pedro's Pretend


Robot Dog
Rosie brings a battery operated toy dog into the day school for everyone to play with. Koda becomes quite disheartened to discover that the toy dog can run faster, jump higher and bark louder than he can. Everyone is so impressed. But when the toy dog’s batteries run out and he starts acting odd, everyone realises that a robot dog can’t compare to a real one.
Theme: Envy

Giggly Pig
A cute little pig is dropped off at the day care. Lucas plays some practical jokes on the others and the pig finds the jokes so funny he eggs Lucas on to play more. It’s only when the tables are turned that Lucas and the little pig learn that it’s no fun to be on the receiving end of a practical joke.
Theme: Being on the receiving end of jokes is not fun.

Unfair Trade
Koda brings in his new whirly disk (Frisbee) and shows everyone how to throw it and soon everyone is having fun playing with it. Pedro loves the new whirly-disk and tricks Koda into trading it for a few dog biscuits. Koda feels bad and Pedro has to admit it was an unfair trade and trades it back.
Theme: Being fair

Pedro's Pretend
Pedro is in a very bad mood because it’s raining and they can’t go to the park. The dogs decide make a game of pretending they’re at the park. Only Pedro has no idea what to pretend so Suki suggests he pretend he’s in a good mood. Pedro surprises himself by enjoying the game so much he actually is in a good mood.
Theme: Being in a bad mood isn’t fun